Bestop Trektop NX Review

bestop trektop nx

Bestop’s Trektop NX is a great way to change the look of your Jeep instantly.  I’m talking about a radical transformation in looks.  Because this top is bowless, it actually ends up making your Jeep look almost like a fastback.  It has windows that are removable as well as door surrounds in the factory style.  It also has features that enable it to be sort of like a Bestop Sunrider sunroof.  The header bar is also in the factory style.  Yet another feature is the Top Arch support/

This specially designed top by Bestop was made in such a way as to minimize the flapping of the fabric at any speed, low or high.  It was also designed so that in the rain, there will be no pooling of water in the middle of the top.  The Top Arch goes across the width of the Jeep directly above the front driver / passenger area.

This top takes away the frames and top bows.  Instead of these things, it uses the sports bar in the Wrangler to provide both its support and its shape.  Because of this, the top has a race back or fastback look that differentiates it from any other Supertop or factory soft top.

You can actually take the rear windows out and then the Trektop NX transforms inot something like the Safari Bikini top.

Everything that you will need to install the Trektop NX comes with it.  You will get the tailgate bar, factory style door surrounds, tinted rear and side windows and the fabric.

The fabric that Bestop uses for this top is a special multi-layer type.  It is able to maintain its shape no matter what the weather is.  It is also resistant to mildew and has been infused with UV inhibitors.

Because of the tailgate bar you can get the tailgate open without having to open the rear window first.  This is great for those times when you need easy access.

The door surrounds are also new and made from a polymer that is exclusive to Bestop.  They are quite like the factory surrounds that come on the JKs and TJs.  That being said, these door surrounds are compatible with a variety of doors.  Use them with the full steel doors or any of the door kits made by Bestop.  These door kits are all sold separately and there are many styles to choose from such as lower fabric half doors, element doors, upper fabric doors and even 2 piece doors.

  • For Rubicon Unlimited and JK Wrangler Unlimited 2007 – 2014
  • 4 door models
  • Removable tinted windows
  • Black diamond fabric pattern
  • Sunrider feature
  • Doors not included
  • Doubles as a Safari bikini
  • Limited 2 year warranty